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If you find a bigger Yu Yu Hakusho fangirl, you're in Japan! :D



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Hello, bitches! :heart: You can call me Yuyu-Chan Amie, or Lina, it doesn't matter to me which. I'm a fellow Manga artist and an aspiring writer. There's nothing I dream about more than having my own Manga and Novels one day.. :heart: I may not be that good, but I practice on a daily, and I have a wide range of genres and drawings from all sorts of animes, I'm sure you will find something you like in my gallery! I have about 3-5 major original stories that I currently work on frequently, however they are not posted because I feel I must complete and perfect them first. I also want to finish up fanfictions I've been working at for years first as well. I roleplay to help develop story lines and characters, so if you're interested, note me. But know roleplaying is generally FRIENDS ONLY, so you won't be automatically accepted. But Anime and video game-based roleplays are fine. I also feel I should warn you in advance, I have tons of OCs and I pair them with my fave anime boys. If you dont like that, then turn right around and walk away right now, hunny because its OCxCannon allamode up in here! o3o
All in all, I'd say I'm just a fun-loving, shy, socially awkward, anime-obsessed, video game playing, silly, sweet, caring, random, and completely weird Goth-Girl. X3
But I don't bite unless you piss me off. c: So don't be scared to come chat! Especially fellow anime fans! I'm always glad to meet new people! x3

Fake and superficial isn't what defines a perfect girl.
This is my way of telling you that I'm weird, I'm loving it, and I will never submit to your standards!!! :heart:

The seven people I couldn't live without~

My Wolfy :heart: :iconwolface0117: :heart:
:blackrose: Roses are black, violets are blue, if I had a brick, I'd throw it at you.:blackrose:

I do not suffer from my insanity, in fact I rather indulge in it. :heart:

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Running in a crowd
In a faceless town
I need to feel the touch of a friend.
In the countryside
I wander far and wide
The isolation gets me again..
I don't know where to go
When I feel like crying
Oh my!
It's time to open myself
Do something new
I want to stop-
and grow up a bit!
Then suddenly, my power and confidence starts swelling up
Magically erupt
And it's all because of kindness that I feel
From people I don't even know
Then suddenly, my intuition and my wisdom grow
And then I know
That most of all I sense compassion's wield,
Thanks to strangers where ever I go~
Thank you for waking me up!
Up till now
How may times I've tried
To tell you, 'please take care of yourself...'
But with tear-stained eyes, I sadly said goodbye
As I waved and wished you farewell..
Then I think of how,
How much longer, I must wait
I look inside myself, and feel something new~
I wanna stop, and grow up a bit!
It's all because, I'm feeling sad,
and then I cry; I don't know why...
The courage that I need,
The power to succeed,
Gives me with strength to fly...!
It's all because of when I see my friends,
Oh my,
Every time,
They're always behind me,
Pushing me on!
Lighting the fire in me! (fire in me)~
Then suddenly, my power and confidence start swelling up,
Magically erupts,
and it's all because of kindness that I feel,
from people I don't even know!
I won't forget,
The times we shared and the pleasant days!
Always! :heart:
And I'll never lose the strength to succeed!
And the courage, to do what I must!
Your smile makes my heart explode! :heart:
Its 0 below and I still have to go to school! Screw you, school board!!! 0-0 
Time to go play slippy-slidy down the fricken street and bust my ass half way there! -w- 
This is gonna be fun..
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I can have fun by myself :p by YuYuAmie
I can have fun by myself :p
Another thing I drew for my boyfriend.. XD
Dont worry it was totally my idea. XD Im getting good at drawing this hentai stuff. owo And yes, my character Amaranth is over the age of 18, DA. -w- Shes 26. So dont delete my picture. -w-
Popcicles by YuYuAmie
because that totally doesnt look wrong at all XD 
Drew this for my boyfriend and it turned out pretty well x3 
Nayuko Suzunami ID 2014 by YuYuAmie
Nayuko Suzunami ID 2014
Thank my Wolfy for the lovely picture of my awesome Nayuko drawing! This turned out so well, I even hung it on my person Wall of Fame! x3 I hope you guys really like it! 
I thought since it turned out so well, I'd post her ID here! So without further adieu... 
I present to you my Naruto OC, Nayuko! x3 

FULL NAME: Nayuko Aika Suzunami
MEANING: There's no direct translation for the meaning of her name. Its just something I thought of.
NICKNAME[s]: Nayu-Chan or Yuko-Chan and Nay-Nay.
MEANING: Just shortenings of her name.
RESIDENCE: Hidden Leaf Village
AGE APPEARANCE: 20-30 ish.
BIRTHDAY: December 22
GENDER: Female.
ALLERGIES: Gluten, Sunflowers, and cat hair.
WAY OF SPEAKING: Calm and polite. Unless you catch her on a bad day, whereas she shall be ranting and raving. o3o
OCCUPATION: Scouting Kunoichi
THEME SONG(S): Fighter- Christina Aguilera, Lips like Sugar- Flo Rida
COUPLE THEME[S]: I Will Be-Leona Lewis, Partition-Beyonce', and Love, Sex, Magic- Ciara


HAIR STYLE AND LENGTH: Short, choppy, layered bob. Like Madam Red's, only white. Picture reference:…However, when she was younger, it was long[all the way to her butt], wavy, and her bangs where quite disorderly.
EYES COLOR: Ranges from deep purple to lavender.
EYESIGHT: Normal, but needs glasses to read.
HEIGHT: A head shorter than Jiraiya with her heels off, a head taller with them on. So shes normally about 5'10ish.
WEIGHT: 125 lbs
OUTFIT/CLOTHING STYLE: Traditional, sort of Kabuki-ish, with a sexy twist. ;) (Wink) Short kimonos allamode here!
ABNORMALITIES: Shes a bit bipolar, going from pent-up and shy moe to mega-tsundere with an attitude that kills... XD
DISTINGUISHING MARKS(SCARS,MOLES): Scars come and go as a ninja but shes very careful to make sure that they don't stick around. Shes very self-conscience and keeps her skin flawless for the most part.
SELF CARE(MAKE UP): Likes to bathe twice a day, in the mornings and at night, brushes teeth twice daily, uses only natural products on her hair and skin, even if those are the more expensive ones. Also goes through a nightly regimine as most girls do, using moisterizers and anti aging products on her face/skin, and treats her hair with argon and coconut oil. She also likes to wear a variety of Kabuki/Geisha themed makeup styles and facepaint designs on a daily basis.
FIRST IMPRESSION ON PEOPLE: Depends upon how they react to her first.
SKIN COLOR: Average pale olive toned.
BODY TYPE/BUILD: When shes younger, shes a rather average sized girl with B cup breasts, but as she grows older, she becomes a bit more curvacious and grows into a DD cup.
PIERCINGS: Ears, nose, belly-button, and tongue. She doesn't like to overdo it with the piercings though, thus most of them are ones that wouldn't generally be visible, and she doesn't always wear all of them. For example, she mostly only wears her belly button ring with tube-tops/belly shirts, or bikinis where it would be visible. She doesn't find it necessary to wear it with her kimonos or other outfits where it wouldn't be visible. The earrings and tongue rings are usually always in though and she occasionally likes to wear a diamond nose stud.
DESCRIBE THEIR VOICE: Mid-toned, smooth, and sexy. ;) (Wink)
WEAPON OF CHOICE: Her Katana and Water Katana which is a Katana....Made of water.. XD It does all of these cool water attacks and things..Yeah... XD


MOM: Kikuyu Suzunami
HOW WELL DO THEY GET ALONG: Deceased. But she loved her mother with all her heart. 
DAD: Arashi Suzunami
HOW WELL DO THEY GET ALONG: She was a bit of a daddy's girl, but hes dead now as well.
CURRENT LOVE: Jiraiya. [shot] HEHEHEHE!! x3 Haters gonna hate! My girl's for the pervy sage! >:3 
REACTION TO MEETING SOMEONE NEW: Friendly and polite, unless of course, they do something to offend her. Then shes not so polite anymore. XD
ABILITY TO WORK WITH OTHERS: Shes a bit anti-social and likes to ride solo.
FRIENDS: Jiraiya, Tsunade, Kushina, Minato, Kurenai, Anko, and Kakashi.
PETS: Two white teacup pomeranians, one male, one female. Jiri and Meimei.
PARENTAL TYPE(PROTECTIVE,ETC): Shes the cool mom, but she also knows her boundaries and doesn't let them run around wild like a chicken with its head cut off. XD She keeps them in line and tends to be a bit strict but they know that all they have to do is tell her to tone it down and she goes back to being their best friend. :3 
AFFINITY WITH...: Water/Rain.


..WHEN YOU FIRST MEET THEM: Gives back what she receives right off the bat.
..AS YOU KNOW THEM BETTER(AND THEY LIKE YOU): Ignore you, mock you, possibly vitally harm you if you mess with her.. Sweating a little... 
..AS YOU KNOW THEM BETTER(AND THEY DISLIKE YOU): Friendly, silly, and loving.
FAVORITE COLOR[S]: Blue, purple, pink, and jade-green.
FAVORITE FOOD: Sushi and oranges.
FAVORITE ANIMAL: Anything cute and fluffy. x3
FAVORITE INSTRUMENT: Tibetan Singing Bowls, Shakuhachi, and Shamisen
FAVORITE ELEMENT: Water and wind.
LEAST FAVORITE FOOD: Octopus/Squid and she doesnt really care for peanut butter.
HOBBIES: Painting, reading, pampering herself, shopping, trying new makeup styles, meditating, training, doodling.
USUAL MOOD: Happy and quirky, or content and calm.
DRINK/SMOKE/DRUGS: Smokes occasionally, mostly hooka, and likes to go for drinks with Jiraiya
DARK VERSION OF SELF: Shes a bit of a loner and tends to stray from crowds, and she has zero tolerance for stupidity and basically hates people and being social. And when shes pissed- shes PISSED. She uses a logical mind for the most part, but if provoked, tends to go a bit bizzerk. Sweating a little... Lets not even mention her bipolar tendencies. One minute shes happy, the next shes whacking you in the face. XD Usually its with reason though.
LIGHT VERSION OF SELF: Once you get on her good side and proven you're worthy of her trust, you have a loyal friend until the very end. Though a bit of a lone wolf, she enjoys having fun and partying, and boy does she know how to party! x3 You're always going to have fun in her presence! Shes also incredibly kind, loving, and outgoing towards her friends and loved ones.
HOW SERIOUS ARE THEY: She knows there's a time and place for everything. :) (Smile) She can differentiate between "It's time to party!!" and "It's time to get work done."
CLASS IN AN RPG: Moe-Tsundere bipolar..? .-.
(IN)DEPENDENT: She tries to be, but she'll accept help when she needs it.
SOFT SPOT/VULNERABILITY: Cute things, the suffering of the innocent, babies/children, her kindness/willingness, people she loves, being made fun of.
OPINION ON SWEARING: Fuck this shit, bitch! Son of an ass!! owo Nuff said.
MUSIC TYPE: Traditional.
MOVIE TYPE: Probably a chick flick. Or a hentai. Needs new ideas to please husbando..owo XD 
BOOK TYPE: Shoujo or Shounen Manga, or a hentai.. XD Or something silly.
GAME TYPE: Same as above.
SLEEPING PATTERN: Normal, though she tends to be more of a night owl and doesn't mind going on all-nighter missions.
CLEANLINESS/NEATNESS: Shes actually a bit OCD about cleanliness and doesn't like to have anything out of its place. XD Sort of like Levi from AOT/SNK.
DESIRED PET: A Persian cat, but shes allergic.
HOW DO THEY PASS TIME: [See hobbies.]
BIGGEST SECRET: She cut at one point but Jiraiya found out and yelled at her and she never did it since.
COMFORTS: Being cuddled/embraced, soft, furry things, kisses, the sound of Jiraiya snoring beside her[X//D], the sound of his heartbeat, his scent, basically Jiraiya is her comfort.. XD She also likes the feeling of silk and things that have to do with old Japan. [Kabuki, Geisha, Samurai, old customs, ect.]
DRUNK TYPE: The stumbly, retarded drunk that goes from stuck up girl to instant party girl. XD
SPECIAL ABILITIES/MAGICS: Besides being able to royally fuck your ass up? None. X3 
DONE ANYTHING TO GET IN TROUBLE WITH THE LAW: Nope. Probably pissed off quite a few authorative figures..Cough, Tsunade, cough...But not really.
WHICH "7 VIRTUES" DO THEY HAVE: Humility, charity, kindness, temperance, and diligence.

SAD: Falls to her knees, basically falls to pieces into a huge mess and erupts into tears.
HAPPY: Jumps/bounces around and claps excitedly.
ANGRY: RASENGAN!!!...Any questions?
AFRAID: Looks fear in the face and says "Fuck you!" Wink/Razz
LOVE SOMEONE: Isnt afraid to let out her sexy side.. ;) (Wink) Is huggy and on her best[sexiest] behavoir at all times, sweet, sensitive, loving, and hopelessly romantic. x3
HATE SOMEONE: Keep her distance and or try to kill them. I vote both. 
WANT SOMETHING: Give Jiraiya the puppy eyes and beg for it. 
CONFUSED: Wat. :iconwthplz:

DANGER: Prepare herself for combat. >:3 "IM GONNA BEAT A MOTHERFUCKER WITH ANOTHER MOTHERFUCKER!!!" owo Once again..Anymore questions?
SOMEONE THEY HATE WHO HAS A CRUSH ON THEM: "Tch! Hate to break it to ya, but in case you didn't know..." [holds up left hand] "I got a ring on it. And kid..Im twice the age of your mommy....Pretty sure thats not legal." [flips hair sassily]
PROPOSAL TO MARRY: FUCK. THE HELL. YES!!!! :iconomgsocuteplz: :iconglomplz: 
DEATH OF LOVED ONE: Obviously, grieve over it. Shes not afraid to cry. Everyone has their vulnerabilites.
DIFFICULT GAME/MATH/ETC: Shes quite intelligent so she'd sit down and concentrate on it until she solved it.
INJURY: Have it tended to.



BIOGRAPHY: Nayuko is a Kunoichi from the Hidden Rain village. She was always a lone wolf from day one, because children from her village always picked on her for her white hair and called her names such as, "Ugly old lady", "albino", and just flat out "ugly Nayuko." They would also taunt her and tell her that her name was weird and tell her it had no meaning to it, ect. They would make fun of her parents as well. It didn't help she was extremely socially awkward and detatched in the first place. From an early age, her self-esteem and confidence and outlook on the human race were completely and utterly destroyed. In fact, her entire childhood was basically one huge train wreck after another. When she was 9, war broke out among the Hidden Ninja Villages, and she found herself and her parents horribly impacted by it. The Rain village was attacked, and in an attempt to defend their home, her father Arashi Suzunami gave his life to protect Nayuko and her mother inside. However, after killing Arashi, they invaded the home and killed Nayuko's mother Kikuyu Suzunami as well. Nayuko on the other hand was saved by a Leaf Village Shinobi, who attempted to save her mother as well, but came a minute too late. The Leaf Shinobi took her back to the village with him and entered her into an orphanage. She understood he was trying to help, but life didn't improve for her at all after this. In fact, it just went downhill even farther. The Shinobi took the village kids who taunted her to the same orphanage, and now Nayuko could never seek refuge from them. They made all the other kids hate her as well, and they'd all circle her, yanking her hair and beating her up, screaming, "UGLY NAYUKO! NAYUKO IS AN UGLY OLD LADY AND NOBODY LOVES HER! NOW THAT HER STUPID MOMMY AND DADDY ARE GONE, NO ONE WILL EVER LOVE YOU AGAIN, YOU UGLY OLD WOMEN!" There was only one old women running the orphanage whom watched over the children, and she was terribly strict and cruel and did nothing to stop the bullying, instead telling Nayuko she deserved it for being so weak. Nayuko was completely and utterly helpless and absolutely torn to pieces. Being exposed to all of this at such a young age really took millions of tolls on her mental and emotional stability. She fell into a spiraling pit of self-loathing and depression and frequently cried herself to sleep- for which she would get made fun of again in the morning for. This continued for an entire year. And just when Nayuko began losing all hope, she found herself saved by a boy around 4 years older than her- named Jiraiya.
Nayuko was playing on the swings on a playground in the village center when the bullies came back and shoved her off of it and began beating her up. She sheilded her face and sobbed, but made no attempt to stop it, as this had become routine for her. Jiraiya happened to be passing by that day, and what he saw was the face of defeat- the face of someone who'd given up all hope. And at such a young age...
Jiraiya did something no one else ever had the courage to do. He put the bullies in their place[more like royally beat the living shit out of them XD] and helped Nayuko up, healing her bruises and cuts and taking her back over to the swings were he spent playing with her for the rest of the afternoon. From then on, Jiraiya came back to the playground to visit her everyday, and Nayuko finally remembered how to smile again, and had long forgotten her pain and tears. Even when she was being picked on, she found a new confidence in her and it no longer seemed to bother her as much, because she knew she had a friend in Jiraiya.
They grew together, learned together, and found love in each other. But as Nayuko grew older and hit puberty, the insults became worse. Instead of just "Ugly Nayuko", now she heard things like, "bitch", "slut", "cunt", and "whore." Assumptions made by the same children of her past who never stopped hating her, because she hung around a perv like Jiraiya. She began falling back into her put of self-hatred again, only this time, she started cutting. When Jiraiya found out, he was furious, at both Nayuko and the bullies. He damn-near killed them, beating the fuck out of them, and came home to give Nayuko a long lecture about hurting herself. She never did it again after that, feeling bad for causing Jiraiya pain through her own suffering.
When she was younger, she was terribly shy and insecure because of her past, and she was more or less flat in every aspect of her body, and she was always afraid to give herself away to Jiraiya because obviously, she noticed he really liked big breasted women with curves. This sort of puts the relationship at a standstill for a while, because hes over here trying to convince her shes beautiful, and shes trying to convince him that shes not and never will be. 
But after that little chat, he ravishes the living crap out of her and she finally starts to believe shes worth something and that shes beautiful. At this point, all of her flying fucks about her past and what people think of her sort of go flying out the fuckin window and she eventually grows up and out of all the bullshit and moves on with her life with newly found confidence and a hella kickass attitude! x3 She grows into a mature, fine, beautiful women that takes no shit from anyone. No disrespect, no insults, because she knows Rasengan now, and she aint afraid to use that shit! x3 Or throw a punch. In fact, those get thrown around by her quite often now. ^^ So while the past may have been shit for her, all she cares about now is that shes got her Jira-Chan and he loves her no matter how she chooses to be.

LANGUAGES: English and Japanese.
FAVORITE SUBJECT: Math and reading.
INTERESTED CAREERS: If she was out of the ninja business, I can see her helping Jiraiya with his novels or going into cosmotology.
PUZZLES: Can figure them out in a matter of minutes.
CHEMISTRY: The number part she can do- the chemicals- no. XD
ENGLISH: Pretty good. 
GEOGRAPHY: Ninjas are required to be good at this skill so it goes without saying.
POLITICS/LAW: Not for her.
COOKING: Pretty damn good. ^^ Been cooking since she was young. Though its not uncommon for her to burn the food due to the fact that she was too engaged in reading or going about doing her daily chores or accidentally falling asleep.
SEWING: Can mend tears and such but probably couldnt make her own clothes.
MECHANICS: Definately not.. Sweating a little... 
BOTANY (FLOWERS): Eh. Not her forte. Likes flowers but wouldnt wanna be in a business with them.
READING LEVEL: I'd say its high since she reads often.
HOW GOOD ARE THEY AT PLANNING AHEAD: Being strategic is one of her strong points. :3 


DO THEY TAKE INITIATIVE: She used to be super shy when shes younger, but thanks to the encouragement of our dear pervy sage, that just flew out the window at some point, and now shes ridin' on top! >:3 
HOW DO THEY ACT(SHY,ETC): Used to be shy, now she just couldn't give a flying fuck. XD
GENTLEMAN/LADYLIKE VS KLUTZY: Shes very ladylike in public and likes to maintain the image of a proper lady. In the bedroom however..Well..You always get to know a person better when you see them behind the closed doors. XD
GO SLOW VS JUMP INTO: Depends on situation...Mostly go slow, but the girl cant help but jump to certain things..XD
TRUE LOVE VS TESTING DIFF PEOPLE: True love all the way. x3
PROTECTIVE: You hurt her Jira-Kun, shes comin' after you, Katana, Rasengan, Water Dragon, and fists ablaze!! 0-0
ACT LIKE FRIENDS OR LOVERS: Oh, definately lovers. .w. She is NOT afraid to show it. XD She sits in his lap in public and cuddles and kisses all over him and is constantly flirting with him. x3 Not that hes complaining by any means.
DO THEY WANT KIDS: Yes, but unfortunately that short fuse of hers would get her in a bit of trouble and shes a bit worried about that, but she learns to control it and later becomes the awesome mom of two lovely boy/girl twins. x3 
DO THEY WANT TO MARRY: Shes already married.
MAKE GOOD OR BAD DECISIONS: Depends on situation. She tries to lean towards the good ones but you know, shit happens.
ARE THEY ROMANTIC: All the way to the ends of the earth and back.
HOW ARE THEY IN BED: ..Shes married to Jiraiya. The women knows what shes doing! owo Need I say more?
TOYS?: I think the real question here is what sort of toys have they NOT used...
FETISHES: BDSM, upskirt, and doing it with nothing but heels on...Yeah. Sweating a little... Shes got some strange fetishes hidden up that garter belt..
S+M: You'd never guess but she actually has a rather big thing for being tied up with a gag in her mouth, chains, leather, and whips allamode baby... I mean. Whatever gets you going...Sweating a little... She never would appear to be that type of girl, but....they never do... XD
GET JEALOUS EASY: Since Jiraiya is a looker, shes learned to live with it, as long as he looks- but doesn't touch. If he gets touchy, he knows for a fact hes in BIG TROUBLE. .w. 
WIFE/HUBBY BEATER: Nope. However if you're gonna whip her, shes all for that! rofl
MARRY FOR MONEY: Never in a million years. Wink/Razz
FAVORITE POSITION: ..Where do I even BEGIN to start on this one...? Sweating a little... Lets assume that she has many...And one of which includes being bent over a table...another, being tied up and gagged and laying on bottom, all cowgirl positions, and face-down-ass-up... 
WHAT WOULD HAPPEN ON THEIR DREAM DATE: She enjoys going clubbing with him and dancing and having a nice time, but a drinking contest at Ichiraku's works just as well! x3
OPINION ON SEX: Okay, seriously? This is JIRAYA we're talking about. There's no way its going to be romantic and loving 24/7. 80% the time its just play-time. xD And the other 10% of the time, its intimate lovemaking.
Its 0 below and I still have to go to school! Screw you, school board!!! 0-0 
Time to go play slippy-slidy down the fricken street and bust my ass half way there! -w- 
This is gonna be fun..
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Brainstorming and summarizing Amaranth's story for myself.

Long long ago, in the realms of ancient China, there lived a wealthy army general that served under the emperor, very strong and very proud- And his wife. A lovely Maiden with a kind heart. They were very happy together, and loved each other very much. But one thing was missing. The general's wife was infertile, and their big castle felt extremely empty without children filling it. The general worried who would succeed him after he died if his wife could not bear him a son, but he loved her and only her and refused to take on a mistress. The general was distraught and had no idea what to do. So he went to the temple of Zang-Xhi Dan, or the temple of Armnaium to the greeks- with his wife and plead with her to the gods to give them a baby.
After a few moments, a white sparkling light appeared, surrounding his wife. She felt warmth in her tummy and felt the presance of their ancestors all around them, and they told her to go home that night and make love to her husband and they would be granted a baby. So they did, and within a month or so the wife learned she was pregnant. The couple was estatic.
And after many many months of carrying the baby, it was finally born. The moon was fully out that night, and took on a dark crimson color, a bad omen. This worried the wife, but nonetheless, she was excited for her baby. A healthy, lovely, absolutely beautiful baby girl, with a full head of hair. Red hair. Though strange, they where both very happy, because red is a very lucky color in China.
They named their baby, Amaranth..After the red weeping flowers that her father found on a trip to Greece. The Greeks told him it means, "Love lies bleeding", as the flower resembles many bleeding hearts clustered together.

She grew up a very happy child, who was very well-off and loved by everyone. She went from a cute, adorable young girl, to a lovely, sweet, kind, and gentle young women, with a beauty that rivaled even her mothers. Her parents were both very proud. She was incredibly talented, especially in painting, dancing, singing, and playing the instruments, particularly the flute. However, she was quiet and somber as she grew older, most of her friends from her childhood were long gone, moved away or passed on already, or too busy for her. Her father was a busy man as well, as war had broken out at the time and he was thwarted in the midst of it. So she spent most of the time with her mother, and when her mother was busy, she simply sat alone, outside on the small wooden porch, painting and playing her flute, observing the lush, beautiful landscapes and vibrantly colored trees.
But there was something lingering about her, that her parents always noticed there, but brushed it off thinking it was simply that she tired easily. But over the years, it steadily became worse. Her entire life, she had very low stamina and became faint quite easily, and often times would throw up rather violently after eating. They came to learn later on that she was very sick, and she was dying. Quickly.

The family worried for her, noticing her time was running out. They did their best to keep her happy, spoiling her rotten and trying to find a man for her to marry. However, she always refused..They thought to themselves, she was quite heartbroken. Hence before, she'd fallen in love with a monk, but he was forbade by his profession to ever see her. Although, he snuck out and did it anyway, and they loved each other for quite a long time. However, they found out and threatened to put him to death for committing such a sin as adultry. Amaranth felt it was all her fault and let him go..And told him to move far away and start a new life, however she would stay, least she break the heart of her parents. The monk did just that. He moved far away to the islands of Japan so that he wouldn't be killed, and to live a new, happy life, chasing his dreams of being a Dojo master rather than a monk, and living his days happily in her honor. Though strangely, one day, her father brought home a man that succeeded him in his General Status, and he took to her immediantly. Shang-Zhi visited her on a daily basis, and after a very long time of being lonesome and feeling such regret, she was able to let go. Soon, the two were married, and her parents couldnt be more proud. Thankfully, Shang had a very skilled medical assistant at his estate, and the medicine kept Amaranth alive and cured many of her ailments. Though she still remained low-stamina, she could now live normally.

One day, Amaranth was standing on the bridge in the city during a rainy fall evening, swirling her parasol about. She spotted something quite odd. A man and a little girl stood side by side, their hair as yellow as the sun. She thought that only she had such bright colored hair in all of china, and found herself intrigued. The family looked lost, so Amaranth confronted them, but it appeared only the man could speak Chinese.
She invited them home with her out of the rain, as she couldn't help but want to be kind to travelers from another country, and invite them warmly to her home place.
She learned his name was Ace, and the child was his daughter Kristina, along with his girlfriend- her mother- Lila.
At the time she had no idea- but this decision would forever change her fate..
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  • Watching: Yuyu Hakusho
  • Playing: Tomb Raider
  • Drinking: aquafina

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